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DIY Spend And Save Jars

Do you want to learn how to make your own spend and save jars? Follow this quick tutorial!

If you're looking to complete the Value of Money class at home, or you're trying to do your own financial literacy game, creating spend and save jars are a perfect start!

The materials you need are:

  • Two mason jars (You can also use plastic containers, cups, small boxes, etc.)

  • Printer and paper**

  • Tape

  • Other decoration materials of your choice (ex. markers, stickers, ribbon)

*A printer is only needed if you want to use and/or create digital labels for the jars. An alternative would be to create physical labels with construction paper and markers.

After you gather these materials, creating the jars is very simple. If you are using my digital labels, just print them out and tape them onto the jars. I recommend using poster tape or decorative duct tape. If you would like to create your own labels, is a great website for online templates and you can find all sorts of designs to print out.

Here are the jars that I created for the Value of Money class:

These jars were from the dollar store and they actually have spaces in the lid for money/coins!

The labels that I designed with Canva can be downloaded and printed here:

Labels - Spend and Save
Download PDF • 28KB

Remember to have fun and be creative with it, good luck spending and saving!

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