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Financial Literacy Games (Elementary School)

Teaching financial literacy from a young age is crucial, and it can be done in various ways. One of the most fun ways to teach personal finance is through online games!

Here are the links and quick descriptions for 5 free financial literacy games for the elementary school level:

This game focuses on learning how to count and save money. There are three difficulty levels and the option to get bonuses. Players can also take a fun trip to the virtual store at the end of the game!

Similar to the Peter Pig's Money Counter, this game deals with the skills of counting money and making basic calculations. The game is set in a grocery store, so the players must calculate the costs of different grocery items.

If you want to review the difference between wants and needs, this is the perfect website! It has various questions in which you have to identify whether the good or service is a want or need. This would be a nice game to use at the end of a financial literacy lesson or class for review.

In general, I think that these games are very useful for learning financial literacy. They may be more beneficial if they are coupled with a brief lesson or discussion about these key topics. For example, after learning about what money is and how to use it, students could play Peter Pig's Money Counter. If you're looking for more activities for children ages 6-8, check out my Value of Money class!

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