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5 Financial Literacy Games (Middle/High School)

There are various resources online that can be used to teach financial literacy. If you want other activities, you can also check out the worksheets that I have created as part of my classes!

Here are the links and quick descriptions for 5 free financial literacy games:

If you want to learn more about budgeting, this is the perfect game. It walks you through the process of managing money, with various steps including saving, housing, food, and transportation. I especially love that they emphasized the idea of "paying yourself first!"

There is also a quick diagnostic quiz prior to starting the game, which is a nice test to see what you already know about personal finance!

With a more adventurous approach, Hit the Road features a cross-country trip to Colorado. It teaches the key skills of budgeting and planning for a vacation. Players must make decisions throughout the trip in order to avoid going into debt and manage their money responsibly.

In this game, you will see what it's like to be an Uber driver who has to support a family with your gigs. Faced with various challenging decisions, you must make the right choices in order to pay your mortgage payment and bills on time!

Student loans can be a costly, prolonged financial burden. Time for Payback shows players the results and opportunity costs of attending certain colleges and taking on student loans. I really like that the game shows the direct effects of your decisions, not only on the amount of debt that you incur, but also on your levels of happiness, focus, and connections in life.

Enzo, a magician, wants to perform in Las Vegas! In this game, you will work towards achieving his savings goal of $50,000 for this trip. Using the different spending categories, you will have to decide how to spend and save his money in order to fulfill his dream. This game teaches the important skills of budgeting and thinking about wants vs. needs.

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